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At Wicked Weed Brewing, if you don’t like your beer, there’s always something very different on tap.

The BachBeer team visited Wicked Weed’s brewpub in downtown Asheville last weekend. Lately, Mags has been into boozy and sweet dark beers. Seb is still riding his summer IPA wave, so he was looking for something bitter and aromatic.

Both bloggers found a match at the pub. Mags picked the Old Fashioned, a 10% ABV old ale brewed in bourbon barrels with tart cherries and orange peel. Seb chose Freak of Nature, a double IPA that tastes like grapefruit and pine needles and smells like a Grateful Dead concert. Later on, they left their comfort zones, Mags for a raspberry lambic, and Seb for a brettanomyces farmhouse ale fermented with peaches.

Mags’s Old Fashioned, complete with a Wicked Weed tulip glass

Imagine if people served beer the way they serve classical music. There would be no draft lists and no bottle cellars. Forget that cutting-edge concoction; almost everything would be old-world European. Everyone would receive the same three or four selections in a similar style and then be forced to drink in silence for about two hours. For the privilege, they would pay hefty parking fees and face long lines for the bathroom.

Thankfully, music lovers also can serve themselves. The Internet brings a thousand years of art music within a fingertip’s reach for millions of people around the world. But knowing what’s available isn’t the same as knowing what’s good. Sometimes you need a recommendation or extra information about the craft.

That’s where BachBeer comes in. Think of us as bartenders for classical music. We’ll provide facts about composers and explain the ingredients of compositions. We’ll tell you what we like and why we like it. We hope that our recommendations will help you to develop your own tastes and find new favorites. So welcome. We’ll be right back with a draft list.

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